Minibus Tours

Minibus tours are a wonderful way of being able to visit places of interest around the UK. The UK has a great deal to offer by way of historical sites, unusual events, and many other attractions. Often it is possible as a group of friends with a common interest, to visit some of the UK’s more unusual events, when on a mini-tour together.

The Jane Austen Regency Festival, held annually in Bath, is a chance for lovers of the Author to experience the Regency lifestyle. Dressing in your finest regency outfit, promenading through streets, or attending some period dance lessons before the masked ball.

North Yorkshire hosts the Yorkshire Pudding Boat race. A fun but slightly soggy affair. Not to outdone, the Isle of Man hosts the World Tin Bath Championships.

The UK is home to a plethora of theme parks and attractions. For lovers of roller coasters, animal parks or movie based attractions, there are plenty of localities for a minibus tour.

At Hastings Minibus Hire, we can take you on some unusual tours. Whether they are theme or event-based, we will help you to visit some of Britain’s more interesting or hidden gems. We can provide drivers, and eight to 24-seater minibuses, for your group tour.

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