Funerals are a challenging time for all involved. But can be made worse, with the constant interruptions of late arrivals. When planning a funeral, it is worthwhile considering the transport arrangements for your guests.

Guests for a funeral often travel long distances to see off someone special. Many travels by plane or train to get there, and stay in local hotels. Collecting guests from airports, or train stations, and transferring them to their hotel, can provide a happy memory for your guests at a grim time.

Helping guests get to the service, to the cemetery or to the crematorium, can minimise disruptions. Often at these types of venue, there is very little parking, and by providing a minibus transfer service, both the guests and the family benefit.

When the services are over, it is often traditional to meet and reflect on the life of their friend. This memorial is a time for remembering the good times, and the fun times. Often at these events, the memory of the loved one is toasted. If the guests know that they can be transferred back to their hotel after these events are over, they can relax more throughout the wake.

We at Hastings Minibus Hire can provide a range of minibuses, or coaches to transfer your guests at this emotional time. Pre-planning what vehicles you may need, can be a relief when the time comes. Have a chat with our friendly and helpful team, who can guide you through the options available.

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