Minibus Hire With Driver

For groups of seventeen to eighteen people, travelling to a sports event such as Rugby, football, baseball, or other sports event, using a minibus service proves to be the most reliable and convenient form of travel.

For smaller groups of eight or more who would like to go ice-skating for the afternoon together, on to somewhere nice to eat, and then on to sit and enjoy a nice panto or show this can also be arranged. Our driver can take care of you, getting you to where you want to go on time. And you can treasure happy memories from your fun time together.

Believe it or not, there are 29 theme parks spread out around the UK. There are winter and Christmas themes during December, such as the one in Hyde Park London, called the Winter Wonderland. Theme and amusement parks, fairs, ice and roller skating are always popular, but especially so through-out the winter months. Families and friends often make the most of our services to these fun-packed places. You can enjoy a day-trip to one of them, as a one-off treat. Or, you can decide on a week full of a different amusement park or skating arena to visit each day; all over the country, to give yourself a personalised holiday.

Our drivers know the shortcuts through traffic and are always ready to take you where you desire to go, in a stress-free manner as possible. Our minibuses at Hastings Minibus Hire are spacious and comfortable and offer you a relaxing journey. They are fully equipped with onboard entertainment systems, and plenty of room for any luggage you might want stowing away for the journey. Hiring a professional driver can allow a group, whether work colleagues, family or friends to participate fully in the experiences provided by the minibus tour.

Many Workplaces like to have a get-together over Christmas, some opt for a meal and a show somewhere, or some decide to have an outing for a day, and all have fun together. It is easy for your driver to pick you all up and drop you where you’d like to go. They can then take you on to somewhere else at lunch or dinner time, for a delicious meal together. And after that, drop you all home, or to a designated spot when your day’s outing is finished. At Hastings Minibus Hire we do our best to give you a happy and relaxing service adapted to your budget and requirements.

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