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Our fleet of minibuses, at Hastings Minibus Hire, includes a range of models, with a variety of seating configurations, suitable for your needs and budget. Our commitment to the transportation industry has evolved over many years. We ensure that our minibuses and coaches, which are less than six years old, are serviced regularly, and are well-maintained for comfort and reliability. To enable us to provide a first-class service. We offer our vehicles with, or without, one of our professional drivers.

8-seater Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy MPV is ideal for quick journeys around town, or for a transfer to the airport. It is designed with great features and has the safety of a family vehicle. It is equipped with the latest technology, panoramic roof and adjustable seating. The Galaxy is fitted with intelligent AWD and has a powerful and efficient engine. It also comes with a coordinated safety system, for passenger protection.

12 to 16-Seater Ford Transit Minibus Standard

The Ford Transit Minibus is the standard in minibuses. It is available to seat between eight and 16 passengers. It is a technologically evolved vehicle, utilizing the latest features. It has Ford Sync, Adaptive Cruise Control and Electronic Stability Control technology, which is installed for a safe and economical journey. Built-in sensors adapt the lighting, and braking to ensure passenger safety.

Ramps for wheelchair access, easy access door handles and overhead luggage racks contribute to passenger comfort. Large luggage storage facilities also ensure easy movement for passengers within the vehicle.

Executive Minibus Mercedes 8 and 16-Seaters

The Mercedes Benz Executive Class 8 and 16-seater, are the height of luxury and VIP travel, over short or long trips. Fitted with Crosswind Assist, and Load Adaptive Electronic Stability technology, your safety and security will always be ensured.

The adjustable steering wheel, allows individual drivers to adjust it for a comfortable feel, and better control. These buses provide pure enjoyment, in a comfortable and efficient vehicle. They are ideal for executive travel, and for luxury nights out.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibus Standard

This practical and economical vehicle, nominated as the 2017 van of the year, is a reliable 16-seater minibus. It has a large luggage space, with plenty of lashing points, to keep luggage stored safely. The vehicle is equipped with a Parking Assist feature, to provide easy parking on city streets. It is powerful and reliable on the open road, and easy on fuel around town. It is outfitted for passenger comfort and easy access.

Renault Master range 16-Seater

One of the ranges of vehicles, launched in 2010, this vehicle is reliable and efficient. It is configured for comfort, both for the passengers, and the driver. The driver benefits from heated door mirrors for better side and rear vision. Luggage is securely stowed in the luggage compartment, safely lashed to the walls and floor for safety. The passenger compartment is comfortable with easy access. These minibuses are suitable for the tighter roads in town, and cruise comfortably on the open road.

Iveco 16 -22-Seater Minibus Standard

The Iveco minibus is powerful and fuel efficient. It is an ideal vehicle for intercity hops, and for touring. When fitted with a rear access ramp, it is wheelchair accessible. This bus is equipped with bright LED lights and plenty of luggage storage space.

Fitted with a range of features, for both the driver and passengers. Built-in Sat-Nav and reversing camera, aid the driver. Passengers can relax in reclining seats, with individual air controls, while enjoying the multi-media facilities.

With an extensive variety of minibuses to choose from, you will be able to choose the exact minibus that suits your needs. Hastings Minibus Hire will do its best to meet any additional vehicle requests you might have when hiring one of our vehicles.


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